About us
KEG, as a  member of household appliance manufacturing industry, stands out by its robust“capability for sustainable development”in this highly         competitive market. Under the leadership of its founder Shen Dongping, CEO Shen Kaifang, KEG takes a brave step in brand-building and constant        transformations. KEG is now a great enterprise having a staff of nearly 5000   and an yearly output of 2 billion, with self-owned brands “Ningbo Kaifeng”,“KEG household Appliance Series”,“KEG cable”all growing fast, and is   honored by such awards  as “High&New Technological Enterprise”,“Model   Enterprise in Patents Application”,“China’s Excellent Enterprise in Household Appliance Industry”,“Zhejiang Famous Export Enterprise”,“Zhejiang Famous Brand”,“Charitable Star”.
Years see our establishment,efforts and fruits. Looking upon the past, KEG has been assiduously striving for betterment and achieving successes. On behalf of KEG, I hereby give my sincere thanks to friends from all walks of life for your support and  concern all the way.
KEG is a young yet mature, sound and vibrant enterprise with its tenet “KEG made, serve China”, devoting to development and innovation of technologies  in the field of household appliance. As one of the brands winning bidder in  the government-sponsored activity“home appliances going to the countryside”, KEG seizes the opportunity of “home appliances going to the countryside”,   always adheres to the principles of “scientific, environment-friendly,    energy-saving and innovative” in our growth, sets high standards for competition in   realizing the goal of “professional operation”,“established fame”.
Confronting with the increasingly fierce competition, KEG makes great efforts  in manufacturing superior quality household appliance, unswervingly follow   the guideline of scientific and technological innovation, strive forward in realizing targeted goal. We will extend cooperation with enterprises in this industry, grow together and create better future.
Company culture

Dedication of KEG
Better life for human being, greater value for our clients, more opportunities   for our staff, more profits for our shareholders,more wealth for the society.
Core values of KEG
Solid foundation: integrity, dedication to clients’ satisfaction and success
Success through elaboration: profession and orientation in creating greatness
Guidelines for operation
High quality-constant pursuit of betterment
High speed-passion,efficiency and force of execution
High professional-premise for our mission and knowledge application
Innovation-dedication to innovations influential to our clients and ourselves
Better, faster and more economical in win-win operation
More: more varied service, leadership pp in market share in this industry
Faster:fast,leadership pp in reaction capacity in this industry
Better:superior products, leadership pp in brand building in this industry
Economical: energy-consumption rationally lowered, competitive in cost  in this industry
Harmonious:harmony among enterprise, staff, clients, natural environment and  society in its development
Win-win:cooperation and mutual benefits